Arman Darya


Arman Darya

Research-based Company

Marine and atmospheric sciences and environment

  • Climatic factors associated with sustainable development  in fish cage culture
  • Environment and biodiversity in the sea
  • Potential of marine biodiversity in aquatic ecosystems
  • Plant and animal biodiversity conservation
  • Climate change and different effects
  • Climate change and energy (strategies and policies)
  • Water pollutants
  • Investigating the causes of drought in recent years
  • Marine and Atmospheric Sciences and the various phenomena and their impact on other sciences and industries
  • Various environmental problems in aquatic ecosystems principles of non-operation
  • Environmental challenges in different fields such as marine sciences, atmospheric pollution, and drying up of wetlands
  • Provide solutions for the problems in the marine environment and the atmosphere
  • Identification and control of different pollutions and provide comprehensive plans to solve the problems
  • Dust and its environmental impacts and the strategies to solve their problems


Marine and atmospheric science, and energy

  • Identify, efficiency, and storage renewable and clean energies, and their resources in their resources
  • Environmental affects of different energy resources
  • New technologies in energy generation, transmission, and its distribution
  • The interaction between sea and atmosphere, and the available energy
  • Policy and management of energy optimization in these fields
  • Making culture and encourage the use of achieved energy in these fields



Marine and atmospheric sciences and technology

  • New environmental technologies in the sea and the atmosphere
  • New technology applications in these fields
  • The applications of new technologies to solve the related problems in marine and atmospheric sciences
  • The use of various software models in marine and atmospheric sciences and technologies
  • Functional analysis in this area
  • Problems and weaknesses
  • Innovative technologies to monitor and remove contaminants in water and air
  • New methods for controlling air and water pollution
  • Industrial refinery role in regional ecosystem degradation